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Medical Building Interior

Precision, creativity, and reliability.

Painting and wall-covering in medical facilities doesn’t have to be sterile. The Cochran & Mann team is ready to make your new medical office stand out, or to renovate, restore, and revitalize your current facility. Your partners at Cochran & Mann have the experience to deliver stunning craftsmanship at the highest value.

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Why Hire a Quality Commercial Paint Contractor?

While there are many commercial paint contractors in the D.C. metropolitan area that do a phenomenal job, going with the cheapest bidder is not always the best business decision.

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How To Choose A Paint Color For A Commercial Building

If you're wondering how to choose a paint color for a commercial building, here's what we discovered based on the industry of your choice.

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A Palette of Possibilities

Guide to Awe-Inspiring Reception Areas

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Guide to Awe-Inspiring Reception Areas

When designing an office, the reception area is one of the most important spaces to include in the plan. A reception area is the first impression a business offers to its visitors, making it a space that cannot be ignored.

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Cochran & Mann is the best painting and wall covering subcontractor I have ever worked with. When the going gets tough at the end of the project, Cochran & Mann continue to have the best attitudes! They always find a way to get it done—and done well! Great team work with all the subcontractors on the project and the attention to detail is like no other. I hope to work with Cochran & Mann in the future.

- John Pacitti, Project Executive