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Reston Station

In 2012, Davis Construction partnered with Cochran & Mann to provide expert painting and coating services for their massive Reston Station project located in Virginia. Reston Station is a mixed-use development centered around, what was at the time, the soon-to-open Silver Line Metro station.

Cochran and Mann Reston Station Project

The Reston Station project included the following phases:

  • Phase I: A 1.5 million square foot underground parking structure
  • Phase II: 1.3 million square feet of mixed-use space, including residential units, commercial units and a hotel

Phase I: Garage

Cochran & Mann played a critical role in the completion of the garage, which was one of the largest on the east coast with 3,500 spaces and the size equivalent of 26 plus football fields. Cochran & Mann’s excellent performance and on time delivery of work played a key role in the Reston Station project’s progress. Any delay with the completion of the garage meant a delay for the mixed-use construction, as the garage was the foundation for the entire project.

The team was tasked with painting 7 levels of poured concrete, including all walls, ceilings, stairs, air shafts, sprinkler pipes, directional graphics and parking spaces. All in all, and in partnership with PPG Paints of Pittsburgh, PA, the crews applied over 15,000 gallons of high-performance primers, washable enamels and epoxy coatings.

Large crews of up to 25 at any given time faced multiple challenges, including:

  • Extreme levels of humidity within the garage, created by the below-grade nature of the project, which reached a depth of 100’ at the lowest level
  • Without a permanent power source and exhaust fans during the early stages of the project, the garage often appeared as though it had rained inside
  • Local fire code required that all sprinkler piping be painted red; there were over 40 miles of pipe for the team to paint

Despite the enormous scale of the project and a difficult work environment, Cochran & Mann completed their critical component of Phase I in just 10 months.

Phase II: Residential Building #4 & Office Building 1

Cochran & Mann was also hired by Davis Construction to provide paint coatings, textured finishes and wallcoverings for key parts of Phase II.

Residential building #4 is a high-rise apartment with 448 units spread throughout 20 floors. The building also included 8 floors of parking, public space amenities, stairways, corridors and retail commercial spaces. The project included skimming concrete ceilings and the application of “popcorn” ceilings.

Despite a time crunch created by rental move-in commitments and a faulty water pipe, as well as complex coordination with myriad contractors also working the project, the at times 40 person crew finished the job in just 7 months.

Office Building 1 is a unique, 16 story, exposed concrete exoskeleton, inverted-shaped office tower. Cochran & Mann was contracted to complete painting, the application of high-performance coatings and the installation of wallcoverings. Work included:

  • All common areas
  • Stair towers, lobbies and mechanical rooms
  • 32 restrooms
    • This included the installation of wallcovering made from recycled polyesters and chlorine free dyes
    • Installation of this unique material was done in record time so as to not delay the completion of other finishes
  • The exterior exoskeleton design required a 40% Siloxane Sealer for stability and protection; the crew installed the sealer from a swing stage, overcoming bad weather, wind, pedestrian concerns and the challenging architecture to finish the job successfully.

Cochran & Mann is proud to have contributed strong work to this project and to have done its part along with other contractors to help Davis Construction exceed expectations.

Today, Reston Station is a hugely successful development that has sparked economic growth, and enabled the flourishing of a vibrant residential and work community.

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